If not now, then when?

if-not-now-when 2

As a child, I was an avid reader. English Literature was my ‘best’ subject. However, at 18, I was persuaded by no doubt well-meaning adults to study a more ‘useful’ subject and so headed off to complete a BSc in Economics and Politics.

My early career was in big brand marketing and communications. I hated the financials but enjoyed hanging out with the advertising and PR folk. Words were my thing. People from other departments used to bring me their stuff to proofread and edit.

More recently I’ve been working freelance and I write everything and anything – speeches, articles, advertising copy and press releases.

But I’ve always had a lurking ambition to be a fiction writer, so… if not now, then when?

I’m immersing myself in books and bookish things again – book reviews and blogs, podcasts, literary festivals, prizes and author talks.

Oh, and I’ve also just signed up for a kick-up-the-backside Creative Writing course.

So these are all the things I’ll be blogging about – come and join me!


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