As a child, I loved reading and English Literature was my favourite subject. However, at 18, I was persuaded by no doubt well-meaning adults to study a more ‘useful’ subject and so ended up with a BSc in Economics and Politics.

My early career was in big brand marketing and communications. I hated the financials but enjoyed hanging out with the advertising and PR folk. Words were my thing. – people from other departments used to bring me their stuff to proofread and edit.

Now I mostly work freelance and I write everything and anything – articles, advertising copy , press releases and social media posts.

I’ve always had a lurking ambition to be a fiction writer though, so… if not now, then when?

So I’ve immersed myself in books and bookish things again – book reviews and blogs, podcasts, literary festivals, prizes and author talks. I’m always looking for book-buddies to meet up with (mostly in London/SE England) so get in touch if you’re also going to anything I mention.

Earlier this year I signed up for a kick-up-the-backside creative writing course to get me going on the writing front again. And in September I went to the fabulous Festival of Writing in York!

These are all the things I’ll be blogging about. Stop by and say hello…